Inspired Interiors

 Luss Seafood Bar Interior

Luss Seafood Bar is set right next to the lovely Luss General Store, which offers a handpicked selection of Scottish crafts and beautiful range of homewares and gifts. We knew from the beginning that our interiors needed to be pretty special, to match up to the stylish standards of Luss General Store. Hand-blocked Spice Routes wallpaper from Little Axe was chosen to decorate our walls which is handmade in Scotland by print-maker Ursula Hunter.

At Luss General Store a selection of clutches and purses from her Wild Habitats collection is available. Inspired by Scotland's wild habitats, highlighting rare and endangered species, these textiles are executed in eye-popping bright shades. The Capercaillie, in bright blue or pink, is accompanied by Scottish Wildcats.

The UK population of Capercaillies has declined so far in recent years that the species is at real risk of extinction. These woodland grouse are found in Scottish native pinewood and in commercial conifer plantations. Wildcats are similarly endangered - with less than 100 existing in their native habitats. Capable of weathering the harsh Scottish winters and even taking down wild eagles the folklore and legends surrounding the brave Scottish Wildcat are suitably dramatic.